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Calls over the Internet (VoIP) are fast becoming the go to method of making voice calls for most businesses today and with the decline of ISDN lines and an eventual switch off between 2022 – 2025 it has given businesses more reason to look at migrating to VoIP.

SIP Lines

If you still want to maximise your on-site PBX we can install SIP lines with a SIP converter allowing you the ability to make calls over the internet and the savings this attracts but you will still be liable for maintenance of your system.

VoIP Services

Increases Efficiency While Reducing Costs

  • Take your existing numbers with you
  • No need for expensive on-site telephone systems (PBX)
  • No additional costly maintenance packages
  • Unlimited calls packages
  • VoIP stores the functionality and connectivity of your phone system in the Cloud
  • Fast, secure communications that can be scaled in minutes

Disaster Recovery On Voice

  • VoIP is a hosted managed service
  • It knows if your system has an issue before you do
  • Automatically routes all incoming calls to your chosen emergency number
  • Your business never misses another voice call again


  • VoiceMail, Hunt Groups, Auto Attendants and Conference Calling
  • Change your functionality in real time to suit your business needs
  • Live billing
  • Call recording
  • Mobile integration
  • Secure connectivity up to Gigabit bandwidth

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