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Who We Are

We simplify technology by connecting medical devices to our AI Healthcare Platform which will analyse the real-time data of patient activity and create actionable reports on an individual’s health issues. Over time our AI Healthcare Platform will deliver reports that help to predict and prevent ongoing health issues before they happen.

What We Do

We will securely transfer data from a connected medical device using our own secure cryptography to our AI Healthcare Platform where we analyse the data helping to gain new insights into patient behaviour.

QIoT will provide readable data in an actionable format to Doctors, Health Professionals and Carers which can aid them in the support and management of longer term healthcare issues. These reports will also offer patients a new level of self-managed healthcare that puts the patient first and allows them to tell their story only once to multiple health agencies.

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We can provide healthcare solutions for:

Our AI Healthcare Platform output, over time, will help to substantially reduce healthcare costs for Private Medical Companies and the NHS by providing health professionals with the information they need today to prevent tomorrow’s chronic health issues.

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Email us at info@qiot.co.uk