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Data Privacy

We aim to play a part in the transition to self-managed healthcare by ensuring that the patient data is safe and secure by introducing a privacy preserving approach to the protection of data, where patients can define their own actions for access to their health records.

The overall data records of the individual patient are always available to the health service (Tethered) at the point of request but we also believe an individual should be able to collect data from as many different health sectors as required to ensure proper self-managed treatments are effective (Untethered).

This allows multi agency services and the end user to utilise data, allowing for a more personalised and predictive method of self-managing health care to the point of intervention, putting the patient in control of their non-emergency health issues.

By using open API’s via a connected device, we automatically update the tethered records by sending daily, the raw data on the patient’s device to the NHS via secure encryption ensuring that there is always an active up to date record of the patient’s healthcare.

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