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Emergency Management Systems

There will be situations where the real time data detects dangerous levels of activity.   Our AI Healthcare Platform will have an inbuilt Emergency Management System* which is designed to detect and flag real time incidents to the appropriate support agencies as they happen.

*Our ERaaS is an automated, statistical analysis software programme designed to detect notable changes in user behaviour/consumption which is then sent to a nominated person or body to investigate and is not a link to any of the emergency services.

Should a patient’s activity breach the emergency protocol then our system will immediately send a message via, SMS, Text, Email to a nominated person/organisation informing them that immediate action is required for this patient.

Our system of remote patient monitoring has inbuilt (ERaaS) Emergency Recovery as a Service.  Via our AI Healthcare Platform, we can write specific code into our system which is based on bespoke emergency protocols as decided by our clients and their health professional.

As with any remote monitoring device they are only as good as the connectivity in the geographical area of usage.  QIoT have a vast array of coverage methods which, dependant of the severity of the patient’s illness can be included on the medical devices.  These include Satellite, LoRa, MBB, Multi Sim and Wi-Fi.

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