Take Control of Your Ashma Management with the QIoT Connected Asthma Solution

At QIoT, we recognise that managing asthma is a deeply personal journey. Our ground-breaking research has illuminated how the right tools and real-time data can dramatically transform asthma management, enhancing life quality for those affected.

Imagine a World Where Asthma Doesn’t Hold You Back – With QIoT, It’s Possible.

Managing asthma can be challenging, but it shouldn’t limit your potential. QIoT introduces a breakthrough approach to asthma care, blending personalised insights with the power of digital technology to offer a solution as unique as you. Our Connected Asthma Solution tracks, analyses, and adapts to your environment, lifestyle, and asthma triggers, empowering you to live your life to the fullest. Start your journey to better asthma management with QIoT.

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“In a recent study, an impressive 40% of participants went from having daily asthma symptoms to being symptom-free for six or more days, showcasing the transformative impact of the QIoT Solution in making asthma management more effective and life more enjoyable.”

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Comprehensive on App Reports for Informed Asthma Management

All data collected by our solution, including medication usage, peak flow results, circumstantial activity, and environmental exposure, are integrated into easy-to-understand report graphs within the user app.

These reports, presented as bars and graphs, simplify the visualisation of your asthma management activities while highlighting historical periods of exacerbation. By identifying these patterns, you can make informed decisions to avoid potential triggers in the future, leading to more proactive and preventative self-management of your asthma care.

“Our analysis revealed a substantial increase in medication adherence, with 44% of participants ordering more inhaler medication, highlighting the proactive stance encouraged by our solution towards managing asthma.”

Introducing Our Revolutionary App and Connected Asthma Devices

Connected Inhaler Cap

This innovative device records the usage, time, and location of your inhaler, helping you to identify potential environmental triggers while helping you manage medication adherence.

Automated Peak Flow Monitoring

Forget about manual records; our app simplifies your tracking process, allowing for direct input of peak flow test results direct to the app with full digital analysis of results.

Real-Time Asthma Management

Instantly compare your daily peak flow scores against your baseline, receiving guidance on asthma zones and management steps.

Enhanced Medication Tracking

Easily log your steroid usage to maintain a comprehensive record of your medication adherence, invaluable for discussions with your healthcare provider.

Personal Asthma Action and Steroid Plans

Upload your personal Asthma Action and Steroid Plan to the app as many times as necessary ensuring you always have the latest digital version of your plan.

Personalised Pollen Reports

Receive real-time pollen reports tailored to your exact location, helping you stay one step ahead of potential flare-ups.

Asthma Control Quiz

Benefit from our interactive quiz designed to evaluate and enhance your asthma management, providing scores and actionable advice for continual improvement.

Comprehensive Education Section

Explore our Comprehensive Education Section to deepen your understanding of asthma management strategies and insights. Here, you’ll find tailored resources and guidance to empower your journey toward better asthma control.

Fitness and Stress Monitoring

Discover the benefits of fitness and stress monitoring in our dedicated section, designed to help you manage asthma more effectively. Learn how physical well-being and mental health can significantly influence your asthma control.

“60% of users, who previously did not complete any peak flow tests, achieved a daily average of two peak flow tests, highlighting the ease and effectiveness of our solution in empowering users to accurately monitor their lung function.”

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Recognition of Our Commitment to Healthcare Innovation

Our AI Healthcare Platform is at the forefront of transforming asthma care, leveraging advanced predictive analytics to anticipate exacerbations, with the ultimate goal of greatly enhancing the wellbeing of individuals with asthma while significantly lowering healthcare expenses.

By setting new standards in asthma care and innovation, our efforts have been honoured with the distinguished Edge Award and the ROCCO Award for Innovation, underscoring our innovative approach and dedication to healthcare excellence. Additionally, the award of two Innovate UK prizes and a Scottish Enterprise (SE) prize, further validating our contributions to technological advancements in asthma care.

If you’re interested in delving deeper into our research, please visit Click Here to discover the innovative approaches and findings that underpin our asthma

“QIoT’s success in enhancing asthma management has led to the winning of prestigious awards, a testament to the high-level recognition of our effective and innovative approach to asthma care.”

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Digital Therapeutics for Healthcare Professionals

Transform asthma care with our Digital Therapeutics solutions, designed for both the NHS and private healthcare sectors. Our Connected Asthma Devices platform integrates seamlessly into your services, providing a comprehensive suite for enhanced patient management. Through innovative technology, we enable personalised, data-driven asthma care plans, improving patient outcomes and streamlining healthcare processes.

Benefit from detailed analytics and real-time monitoring tools that empower healthcare professionals to make informed decisions and proactively manage patient health. Our platform not only optimises treatment plans but also aids in early detection of exacerbations, significantly reducing hospital admissions and associated costs.

Join us in revolutionising healthcare with digital therapeutics, elevating the standard of asthma care, and offering a better quality of life for patients. Together, we can achieve a future where digital innovation leads the way in professional healthcare.

Contact and Support

Embark on a journey towards superior asthma management with us. For more detailed information about the QIoT Connected Asthma Solution or to explore our free and paid for app versions, please reach out to us at info@qiot.co.uk or fill out the contact section below and we will respond.

Disclaimer: The QIoT Connected Asthma Solution is designed to support, not replace, the relationship between patients and their healthcare providers. It serves as a management aid and is intended for statistical analysis purposes only.

Please note the QIoT Connected Asthma solution is not a substitute for medical advice and in no way replaces advice given to people from their health professionals. It is not an emergency response device either and is to be used for statistical analysis only.

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