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AI & Big Data

Technology, specifically remote patient monitoring technology, will soon be an integral part of how we self-manage our own care up to the point of intervention.  In so doing, it can reduce financial and operational strain on an already under pressure NHS.  Self-managing non-emergency care via technology will help to free up valuable time and resources that the NHS and private sector can utilise elsewhere.

Our AI Healthcare Platform provides deep analysis via actionable graphs and charts based on real time usage extracted from our connected medical devices.  This helps medical professionals better predict and prevent bespoke health issues.

Each connected medical device that we create will include a smartphone App that is connected to the device.  The App not only tracks and transfers the patient usage data to our AI Healthcare Platform, it also includes a helpful education and lifestyle section, an alert element to remind patients to take their medication, and if required, and an option to allow family members, care professionals and other departments within the NHS secure access.

We aim to play a part in the transition to self-managed healthcare by ensuring that the patient data is safe and secure by introducing a privacy preserving approach to the protection of data, where patients can define their own actions for access to their health records.

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